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Permanent / Semi-Permanent Make-Up

Welcome to Ana-Inga Salon, where perfection is our pursuit.

Beauty isn't just a job—it's my passion. That's why I invest in ongoing training and masterclasses, ensuring I deliver the utmost quality to my clients.

Here, we pride ourselves on offering the latest techniques and products in the world of micropigmentation.

Stay radiant 24/7!

At Ana-Inga Salon, indulge in:

  • Eyebrows: Choose from our soft shading technique or microblading.

  • Eyeliner: Opt for classic or soft styles.

  • Lips: Explore options like lipliner, ombre, or a glossy effect.

Consultation is a must—available both online and in person.

My prices include a touch-up procedure 4-6 weeks later, ensuring we achieve your desired results. If you prefer to pay only for the initial procedure, please reach out.

For a glimpse of our work, visit our Instagram page @ana_inga_salon or click here:

Once you've booked online, we'll reach out to schedule your consultation.


Colour Boost


Your Permanent Make-Up requires colour boost procedure

to keep it looking fresh and maintain your desired result.

Colour boosts usually do not need re-touch procedure, but it can be done if required for £30 fee.

Within 6 months                  £60

Within 12 months                 £110

Within 18 months                 £160

Within 2 years                     £220


After 3 years full prices will apply.

All consultations are free

Receive 10% discount when you book

any 3 permanent cosmetic treatments at the time.

*consultation required

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