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Permanent / Semi-Permanent Make-Up

At Ana-Inga salon we strive for perfection.

Creating beauty is my passion and that is the reason I go for trainings, masterclasses, making sure I offer the best service to my clients. Here, we offer the newest techniques, the newest products in world of micropigmentation.

Stay beautiful 24/7!

At Ana-Inga salon you can get your:

> eyebrows (tattooed soft shading technique or microbladed)

> eyeliner (classic or soft)

>lips (lipliner, ombre or glossy effect)

Consultation is required! It can be online or in person.

My prices includes touch-up procedure after 4-6weeks, to enable us to achieve the best results. If you would like to pay only for initial procedure, please contact me.

To see Gallery of my works please

visit my Instagram page @ana_inga_salon

Once you are booked online, we will get in touch regarding your consultation.


Colour Boost


Your Permanent Make-Up requires colour boost procedure

to keep it looking fresh and maintain your desired result.

Colour boosts usually do not need re-touch procedure, but it can be done if required for £30 fee.

Within 6 months                  £60

Within 12 months                 £100

Within 18 months                 £150

Within 2 years                     £200


After 3 years full prices will apply.

All consultations are free

Receive 10% discount when you book

any 3 permanent cosmetic treatments at the time.

*consultation required

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